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Available Now: Good Gladys - Embrace the Dead

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A murder mystery with a psychic twist. 

News reports that the famous psychic Good Gladys is missing coincide with the brutal stabbing of her business manager. Gladys's daughter Dara asks an old friend, private investigator Byrne Aase, to help find the murderer. She claims that the man the police have in custody is innocent. In fact, she believes that the accused is her mother, having been transformed into a man during a seance gone awry.

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UNKNOWN TO A SMALL community in Mission British Columbia, an alien family from the planet Zozia has been living in their midst for many years. They came to Earth to marry their beautiful daughter Elle Amis to a human and send them to Zozia to save the planet from extinction. The alien family, the Amis, are unaware that a well known public figure is also from the planet Zozia and is creating havoc with the world’s communication systems.

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